The Adjudication Function of the Election Supervisory Body (ESB) in Realizing Election Justice


  • Sahran Raden Faculty of Sharia State Islamic University (SIU) Datokarama Palu, Indonesia



Election Supervisor, Adjudication, Law, Legislation


ESB's adjudication role and the nature of its presence in Indonesia's electoral justice system are the focus of this research. In a normative juridical approach and analytic descriptive, the researcher examines the legal norms in relevant laws and regulations to determine whether they have been violated. Indonesia's Election Supervisory Board (ESB) was created to ensure free and fair elections that adhere to democratic principles. The election adjudication function is attributable to Law Number 7 of 2017 concerning the ESB as an institution with the authority to resolve electoral process disputes. The existence of the ESB institution has made many positive contributions to the process of democracy development in Indonesia, the large number of violations originating from findings and reports handled by the ESB, is able to provide a deterrent effect for perpetrators of violations of laws and regulations, both election participants and election organizers.


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