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Many subjects have taken advantage of loopholes in state management of religion to distort Vietnam’s policies, causing internal conflicts. In many cases, a very small incident or a normal conflict in religion that can be exaggerated, distorted, and perverted to become serious; a religious incident in an area or locality that can easily be amplified into an international issue; an event that is only a phenomenon, but can be perverted to become a nature; an issue that is partial, but can easily turn into a whole; a story that is very ordinary, but can be turned into a complicated one. In the article, the author analyzes some of the main impacts of religion on secular life in Vietnam today, and some religious security trends in the coming time.</p> Tran Minh Duc Copyright (c) 2024 International Journal Papier Public Review 2024-06-24 2024-06-24 5 3 1 10 10.47667/ijppr.v5i3.303 The Influence of Price and Location on Repurchase Interest at TB Marloby in Sungai Kakap District with Satisfaction as an Intervening Variable <div> <p><span lang="EN-US">The aim of this research is to determine the effect of price and location on repurchase interest at TB Marloby in Sungai Kakap sub-district with satisfaction as an intervening variable. This research uses associative research methods. The research results show that all indicator items are valid and the constructs used are reliable. The R-square value shows that price and location influence satisfaction by 55.3% and influence repurchase intention by 69.7%, both of which are moderate influences. Hypothesis testing shows that price and location have a positive and significant effect on satisfaction and repurchase intention. Satisfaction also has a positive and significant effect on repurchase intention. Price and location have a positive effect on repurchase intention through satisfaction.</span></p> </div> Jakaria Jakaria Ananda Archie Copyright (c) 2024 International Journal Papier Public Review 2024-07-14 2024-07-14 5 3 11 19 10.47667/ijppr.v5i3.309 Unique Interpretation of Necessity and Freedom in the Philosophy of Ibn Rushd Based on the Rejection of the Opinions of His Contemporaries <div><span lang="EN-US">The article delves into Ibn Rushd's perspectives on the notions of freedom and necessity, as a prominent figure within the Eastern Peripatetic movement. His stance is elucidated through his rejection of the prevailing notions held by his peers. Within the medieval philosophical landscape, the discourse surrounding freedom and necessity often revolved around reconciling religious and philosophical ideologies. The article particularly highlights discussions on fate and volition. In response to the controversy over whether people's actions are carried out by the necessity of fate or by their independent arbitrary actions, Ibn Rushd gives his arguments.</span></div> Dilnavoz Rakhimdjanova Copyright (c) 2024 International Journal Papier Public Review 2024-07-19 2024-07-19 5 3 20 25 10.47667/ijppr.v5i3.301 Defects in the Law on the Protection of Children with Special Circumstances in Vietnam - Implications For Some Content That Needs to Be Added <div><span lang="EN-US">Every nation's future depends on its children, thus they must develop into responsible adults in a secure social setting with legal protections. Vietnam has thus far steadily developed and refined both the general legal system and the laws pertaining to the upbringing and protection of children in particular. This is the legal foundation that guarantees children's rights are implemented well. But in a time of intense integration with the quick and varied growth of social interactions in the sphere of child protection, Vietnamese legal rules on child protection demonstrate that they are exposing more and more flaws. This study focuses on assessing several fundamental flaws in Vietnamese legislation regarding the care and protection of children in exceptional situations, with the goal of providing solutions to examine, analyse, and supplement to meet the country's current conditions.</span></div> Le Van Khoa Copyright (c) 2024 International Journal Papier Public Review 2024-07-19 2024-07-19 5 3 26 36 10.47667/ijppr.v5i3.310