South African Career Development Institution Management in Graduates Alumni Assisten


  • Tonto Chioma Dominic Department of Educational Management, Faculty of Education, Ignatius Ajuru University of Education, Nigeria
  • Iyabo Ike Sobowale Department of Educational Management, Faculty of Education, Ignatius Ajuru University of Education, Nigeria



Career Development, Graduates Alumni, Management


This article discusses career development management that can help career empowerers combine skills such as applying theoretical constructs realistically and creatively to focus on innovative ways of doing things that make careers possible as factors that provide support to employees in the workplace and contribute on their professional development. In contrast to other approaches to career development, the conventional approach to career development is mainly focused with techniques that are meant to utilize skill development and supply to drive economic growth rather than anything else. However, although the promotion of economic growth is an important goal for career development in South Africa, it is not the only goal for the country's development agenda, which includes a number of other goals. Globally, a vision of career development based on clearly defined economic goals would be at conflict with South Africa's development rhetoric, according to the World Bank's Africa Development Report


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