Structure of Agrophytocenoses of Eastern Goat


  • Adilkhen Aiaru Biology Department, School of Sciences and Humanities, Nazarbayev University, Khazakstan



Structure, NRS, Goat


The goals and purposes of the study included conducting all phases of field research on the creation of a novel method for weed management in goat's rue herbage that is based on the use of NRS. An arable community is referred to by the biological term "agrophytocenosis." The components of an agrophytocenosis include sowed cultivated plants and satellites, which are species of segetal weeds. These components are linked to the soil by seed banks and banks of vegetative rudiments. When determining an agrophytocenosis, not a particular sowing but rather the complete rotation of crops in a crop rotation within a homogenous region is taken into consideration; if the crop rotation is altered in any way, the agrophytocenosis will also be altered


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