The Impact of Religion on Secular Life and Some Mainstream Religious Security Trends in the Coming Time in Vietnam


  • Tran Minh Duc Thu Dau Mot University



Security, Religion, Believers, Vietnam


In the context of many internationally unpredictable fluctuations, hostile forces have been causing religious life in Vietnam to suffer many negative impacts. Many subjects have taken advantage of loopholes in state management of religion to distort Vietnam’s policies, causing internal conflicts. In many cases, a very small incident or a normal conflict in religion that can be exaggerated, distorted, and perverted to become serious; a religious incident in an area or locality that can easily be amplified into an international issue; an event that is only a phenomenon, but can be perverted to become a nature; an issue that is partial, but can easily turn into a whole; a story that is very ordinary, but can be turned into a complicated one. In the article, the author analyzes some of the main impacts of religion on secular life in Vietnam today, and some religious security trends in the coming time.


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