Cultural Resilience in the Face of Globalization: An Anthropological Exploration of Traditional Societies' Adaptation Strategies and Identity Dynamics


  • Liridon Krasniqi Institute of Albanian Studies



Traditional Societies, Globalization, Adaptive Strategies, Identity Dynamics


The study delves into the adaptive strategies and identity dynamics of traditional societies in Albania within the context of globalization. Employing a purposive sampling technique, three distinct communities were selected, and a structured questionnaire was employed as the primary data collection instrument. Descriptive statistics, correlation analyses, regression, ANOVA, and ANCOVA were utilized for quantitative insights, complemented by qualitative data from interviews and participant observations. The findings unveil significant economic adaptations, linguistic shifts, and varying success factors in cultural preservation initiatives across communities. The nuanced impact of community size, geographical location, and historical influences highlights the need for tailored interventions. Comparisons with previous studies in Albania enrich the discourse, while the practical implications underscore the imperative for culturally sensitive policies in preserving traditional societies' heritage amid globalization.


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