Emotional Behavior with Verbal Violence: Problems and Solutions


  • Pavel Koller Department of Psychology, Charles University, Czech Republic
  • Petr Darida Department of Psychology, Charles University, Czech Republic




Emotional Behavior, Emotion, Violence


The aims of the paper is to identify the problems and solutions about emotional behavior with verbal violences. Emotional behavior have a lot of influence on other psychic functions, such as observation, response, thinking, and will. Individuals will be able to make good observations if accompanied by good emotions. Violence is generally classified into four types. According to Lowson, violence is classified into four forms, namely physical abuse (physical abuse) is violence perpetrated by someone until someone grows up, emotional abuse occurs when someone is in need of attention but is ignored, verbal abuse occurs when someone giving humiliation, harassment, labeling the pattern of communication, sexual violence (sexual abuse) occurs when someone forces sexual relations. All of the problems in those cases  have a discussion and solutions which is (1) avoiding hoax news; (2) instilling habits of good behavior from an early age (parents must be careful when speaking in front of their children); (3) making persuasion advertising a form of strengthening social relations; (4) accustom positive criticism; (5) respect the privacy of others; (6) always use communication tools proportionally; (7) maintaining communication ethics; and (8) avoiding racist and racist content.


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